Click 8.3 End-of-life: A Look at the Customer Decision-Making Journey to Salesforce Field Service

As a North American ClickSoftware reseller for 15 years and Salesforce Summit Consulting Partner, Diabsolut has been providing advisory services and fit analyses to their customers to find the best solution to replace their existing on-premise legacy system. Hear from Black Hills Energy and Unisys about their decision-making journey that led to choosing Salesforce Field Service as their replacement platform.

Topics for discussion:
• Initial thoughts and concerns around ClickSoftware’s 8.3 End of Life announcement.
• BlackHills Energy and Unisys share their decision-making process that led to deciding on SFS.
• A look at some of the pain points customers are facing in their migration assessment and how SFS addresses them.
• After the migration is complete, the expectations and most important KPIs our customers expect to track and see improvements on.
• With a new cloud-based solution, what are the strategies in place to leverage the platform over time and growth?